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Set partly on the Dorset and Somerset border and partly in Venice, spanning the years between the outbreak of World War II and November 1963, THE CILENTO DOVE is a deeply intriguing story drawn against a background of two of the century’s great historical dates. It tells of two women, a generation apart, whose parallel lives unexpectedly begin to converge as the stories of their loves past and present unfold. While Grace remembers her own grand but ill-starred romance in pre-war Venice, her goddaughter Annie appears to be reliving that same dream a quarter of a century later with a charismatic painter of murals. At first it is welcomed, but gradually the similarities take on a more ominous guise. Moreover the gift of a little glass bird from Murano stretches the bounds of credibility beyond mere coincidence, and it appears that the heartbreak of 1939 is about to repeat itself.

Price: £9.99 | Softback | ISBN-13: 978-1-908274-25-0 | Book Dimensions: 210×148 mm | Publication Date: 22 Oct

eBook ePub edition: 978-1-908274-27-4 kindle edition: 978-1-908274-26-7 | Price: £4.99

Download and read the first chapter of THE CILENTO DOVE here .

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Brenda was interviewed by Jenny Devitt on Abbey 104 Radio
Friday, 4 April, 9:00 AM.

Download and read the first chapter of THE CILENTO DOVE here .

THE CILENTO DOVE is available
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Brenda Parker



waterstones yeovil

Saturday, 9th August 2014, from 11am — 1pm

Author book-signing

brenda parker , waterstones yeovil, the cilento dovebrenda parker, waterstones yeovil, the cilento dove

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


8 Cheap Street, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3PX 

Thursday, 28 November at 7.00pm

A seated event with wine and canapés

brenda parker, the cilento dove, winstones bookshop, sherborne      brenda parker, the cilento dove, winstone’s bookshop, sherborne  

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sherborne literary festival , the sundial press

Sunday, 20th October, 10.30am-2.00pm

Meet Brenda Parker at the Sherborne Literary Festival 

A Talk and Book signing


brenda parker the cilento dove, the sundial press, sherborne literary festivalShe had once been told that the best way to see Venice for the first time was from the sea – and now, half a lifetime later, she watched again as it rose from the waves like Aphrodite. Slowly it surfaced, each moment another brush stroke on a broad canvas, teasing the imagination before its final revelation as the most legendary prospect in the world.  Grace drew a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. Of course the world at large had changed greatly over the years. She had changed also – no longer the giddy girl of before.  But this special place had not. It was all breathtakingly familiar - the scene just as cool and calm as then, with outlines softened by pure turquoise light, and the sea reflecting the colours of the city in shifting shades of rose and aquamarine. Not Canaletto’s Venice, but Monet’s. And beside her, leaning on the rusty rail of the old ferry, was Annie, her eyes bright with anticipation. Grace touched her hand and smiled in response. ‘Happy Birthday!’ 


brenda parkerBrenda Parker enjoyed an early career in London, where she was a Production Assistant with one of the new ITV companies as part of a production team, based in Kingsway and transmitting from Wembley Studios. It was a brief, but significant experience, only curtailed when marriage drew her north to Northumberland. But with her went the irresistible creative atmosphere of Television House, contrasting so graphically with the windswept landscape and border legends of her new home that writing fiction was almost inevitable.

But it was a sea-change for one born and brought up in Bexhill on the Sussex coast, with its formal grammar school and gentile atmosphere, where theatre, music and the arts flourished and centred on the iconic DelaWarr Pavilion. Life in the north could not have provided a greater contrast. But they were wonderful and momentous years - with the raising of a family, the witnessing of great social upheavals in the North-east of England, of seeing how the Parker family’s catering company adopted and adapted to these changes, until finally it relocated in the South West.

With the family now grown up, Brenda also became absorbed in its running, of the family business and it is only since retirement that she has returned to the typewriter. And, paradoxically, it is under the thatched eaves of an old Somerset cottage she published her Northumbrian novel Anya Paris and now  her second The Cilento Dove

Visit Brenda Parker's website here

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brenda parker, the cilento dove, sundial press, sherborne literary festival

Brenda Parker THE CILENTO DOVE Full cover layout

Five Star reviews on Amazon

5 star customer review on Amazon UK: Great feel good novel 17 July 2014

"Wonderful depiction of Venice, great characters and a great twist in the tale. Would thoroughly recommend this book and couldn't put it down."

5 star customer review on Amazon UK:  Easy Reading, lovely romantic story 30 April 2014

"I just loved this book, easy to read with a beautiful story. Read whilst on holiday, and couldn't put it down."

5 star customer review on Amazon UK:
A true Venetian romance
Feb 2014
THE CILENTO DOVE is a true holiday romance in both senses of the term. The plot of the book turns on two seminal holidays spent in Venice - one on the brink of World War II, the other in the early sixties, shortly before the assassination of JFK. A now elderly and infirm Grace returns to sixties Venice for the holiday of a lifetime, decades after her own unrequited but defining love story with a cultured but philandering Venetian. She is accompanied by her adopted niece Annie, already in a relationship, who is surprised to find herself embarking on a romance of her own, meeting a mysterious Englishman with close personal and business connections to Venice. As she returns to her family in Dorset and embarks on a career in television, Annie finds herself more and more inwardly out of step with the direction her life is taking. The mystery and drama surrounding the Cilento dove build to a rewarding conclusion. Although not usually a fan of romantic fiction, I found Cilento Dove intriguing and satisfying. The great delight of the book is the way Brenda Parker evokes the atmosphere and magic of Venice and the sensual and emotional delights of its culture. Greatly to be recommended!

5 star customer review on Amazon US: Beautifully written historical! Feb 2014
This is such a well-written book. I'd like to say it's quiet but it has such heart, you just can't. You know from the moment you read the first few pages that you're being set up for a wonderful tale that spans the years and the lives of two women. The societal references of the time are so well done that you always feel like you're right in the historical period itself. I can only imagine the research the author did for this novel.

Brenda Parker has penned a wonderful historical novel, suspenseful drama that keeps you turning the page. I would recommend this book to any reader of historical fiction.

brenda parker signs copies of the cilento dove, stalbridge library, sherborne literary festival, winstone books, the sundial press

THE CILENTO DOVE: Ten draft covers rejected in favour of the final choice

brenda parker, the cilento dove, rejected covers, the sundial press, brenda parker

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